Effective: November 30, 2022


All legal documents and notifications related to your use of the Moli services will be provided electronically. We will notify you about updates to these documents via electronic means, such as email.

If you do not want to receive these documents electronically, you will not be able to use the Moli services.

Consent and Scope of Consent

“Disclosures” are documents that we provide to you that are either required by governmental regulations, laws, or good practice. An example of a disclosure is the Consumer User Agreement that defines the agreement between Aptys Solutions, LLC and you for the use of the Moli services. All disclosures related to the Moli service are electronic, and all are covered by this consent agreement.

You actively provide your consent to receive electronic versions of all disclosures when you register for the Moli service. You continue this consent when you maintain an active user account, regardless of whether you make use of the Moli service. Your consent to receive electronic disclosures continues unless you actively revoke it. Your consent to receive electronic disclosures includes the agreement that you have the ability to receive and read the disclosures electronically.

You agree to maintain your email address defined within the Moli service so that you can receive notifications and updates about disclosures. If the email address that you register within Moli is no longer valid for you to receive these updates, you agree that you will update that email address using the Moli mobile application so that it is correct, and you agree to do this in a timely manner so that you get notifications and updates about disclosures.

The Moli service uses reasonable measures to send notifications and updates about disclosures, and these may be sent via email or via notifications through the mobile application. If you do not receive these notifications it does not indicate a revocation of consent and does not require that the Moli service send the notifications via other means.

You may revoke your consent to receive electronic disclosures at any time by emailing disclosures@moli.me or by sending a letter to the physical address identified below. Revocation will result in the closure of your Moli user account, and you will no longer be able to use the Moli services.

When you delete or close your Moli user account, you will no longer receive disclosures or information about disclosures.

Hardware/Software Requirements

Electronic disclosures are provided in simple HTML format and can be viewed using modern web browsers on common Internet-capable hardware and software platforms. You will need:

If your chosen hardware/software combination does not allow you to view the disclosures, you can fall back to one of these options:

We will notify you if changes to the disclosures require you to use hardware or software materially different from that described above in order to view or store the disclosures.

The current version of each disclosure is available through the Moli mobile application.

Paper Delivery or Paper Copies

You may request a paper copy of any of the legal agreements or regulatory documents related to the Moli services that you use. You can contact us via email at disclosures@moli.me or you can send a letter to:

Aptys Solutions
Moli Disclosure Request
6801 Parkwood Boulevard, Suite 201
Plano, Texas 75024-7198

Please ensure that your request includes your name, physical mailing address, and the name of the document(s).

We reserve the right to limit the number of paper copies we send you to one request per disclosure per year. This rule is intended to prevent abuse of the paper copy request process, and we may choose to fulfil more frequent requests at our discretion without any commitment to do that in future.